About Me

I'm several things. Some say there are several people in my head. Anyway. I am

A human

There are stuff, technical or not, that bother me. Im might talk about it here, or not.

It also means that I won't always be very active here. Sometimes because I don't want to. Other times because I have other things to do.

An entrepreneur

I was bored in my jobs. Then I realized that was because doing all the same stuff over and other was not for me. I really hated copying and pasting reports changing only the customer name.

What I want is beeing able to explore what I wanted to explore. No questions asked. Not having to justify it to a hierarchy.

I co-founded Doclabs and Waarp, now working full-time on the latter.

A techie
Though I wasn't destined to it (I graduated from a classic Business School), my passion has always be code. In all its form. Now it's also my work life!

Welcome to my world !